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Monday Cute: The Thriving Homegrown Organic Cat Trade


This week’s Monday Cute (Because it’s Monday for All of Us) is brought to you by Reddit’s r/aww, and a series of call and response type memetic goings on that started with the above picture, under the heading “Would you like a cat? I grow them.” Which naturally led to some of this Redditor’s happy customers chiming in.

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Bought a cat from a guy who grows them, I’m quite happy with my purchase.

But, of course, not everybody was perfectly happy. Some questioned the seller’s methods.

Why grow your cats when you can buy them pre-packaged?

It seems like such a waste of space to grow cats in pots.

And some where simply unhappy with their orders

I bought one too, but mine’s broke.

They screwed up my order…

I also bought what I thought was a cat from the guy growing them. I am not pleased.

Other customers, however, saw this as a feature, not a bug, for lack of a better term.

Dogs in pots are better than cats.

(All pics and links from r/aww, featuring posts from users CaptainJack92, ohaiwtfbbq, CP70, Nick321321, mrhelton, Dubbys, Charleyrae, and cbransford13.)

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