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You Can Bat Things Around as a Virtual Reality Cat on HTC Vive, so I Guess We’re All Buying One Now

Virtual reality's killer app.


You may remember Catlateral Damage as the pinnacle of the knock-things-over-as-a-cat-because-that’s-what-cats-do-and-we-love-them-for-it-those-furry-scamps game genre, but that was back in the dark ages, before virtual reality came around to make us all look ridiculous revolutionize gaming. Now, the game’s been upgraded for the HTC Vive, which means you can immerse yourself even more deeply in the cat experience.

Really, this should be a pack-in game with all VR headsets. It would be the Super Mario Bros. of VR, jumpstarting a gaming revolution—albeit with fewer fireballs and turtles but more knocking things over with your adorable cat paws. The game’s VR upgrade is available on Steam for free for anyone (everyone?) who already owns it, and if you’ve been waiting until they got the immersive cat experience just right to invest in Catlateral Damage, you can buy the full game for $4.99.

Enjoy your time helping your humans keep their house in order—the cat way!

(via The Verge)

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