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IRL Sex & the City Political Fanfic: Mr. Big Supports Miranda for Governor!

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As we all learned from everything that was 2016, it can be super dangerous to treat politics like it’s reality TV or general entertainment. On the other hand, the world is a garbage fire and it can be really nice to impose some frivolous distractions into our political landscape.

Cynthia Nixon is a highly qualified, incredibly serious and promising candidate for New York governor. She is not a television character. But you know what? She spent many, many years (which happened to coincide with my youth and the formative years of many others) playing  a television character–one which happened to be uniquely smart and self-actualized–and I believe it is 100% possible to view her as a serious political candidate while also taking total joy in imagining our current reality as an extension of the Sex and the City universe as we all dreamed to see it continue in a smart, adult timeline.

All of that is a far too lengthy explanation for my excitement over this news that Chris Noth–aka Mr. Big–is a supporter of Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial run, now that it’s been disclosed that Noth donated $2,500 to Nixon’s campaign.

Miranda notably loathed Big for all of the bullshit he put her best friend Carrie through. It brings me such joy to imagine that the thing that could finally bring them together, if not as friends but at least as political allies, would be Miranda’s run for governor.

Is this a totally normal thing not at all worthy of media coverage? Yes, obviously, it’s a man donating to the campaign of a political candidate, based on her platform or maybe even just their personal or professional relationship. It’s normal politics.

But is it also a way for fans to fantasize a S&tC fanfic extension in which Mr. Big and Miranda are finally on the same page, having made good on their personal beefs for the good of all New York? Can we imagine that these two opposites (if not full adversaries) have finally come together for the future of their state? Yes, of course we can and it’s beautiful.

While we’re making fanfic out of our actual world, it should be noted that other Sex & the City characters actors have also given financial support to Nixon’s campaign, including David Eigenberg (Steve) and Lynn Cohen (Magda). EVEN STEVE AND MAGDA ARE ONBOARD WITH MIRANDA’S GUBERNATORIAL RUN.

Again, this is all presented in jest. Cynthia Nixon is a very real candidate. But for many of us, especially young women, she has lived in our hearts as Miranda Hobbes for quite some time. We don’t have to deny her that place in our lives as she takes on this new one.


(via Vulture, image: HBO)

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