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Cate Blanchett Possibly Going Evil in Disney’s Live-Action Cinderella Remake

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I’m a bit cynical about the “edgy fairy tale” trend that keeps going around, but this new Cinderella movie Disney’s planning miiiiight just have gotten my vote of confidence. Why, you ask? Two words: Cate. Blanchett.

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Nothing’s official yet, but The Wrap is reporting that Blanchett is in talks to play the evil stepmother in Disney’s “Untitled Cinderella Story.”


The possibility of Blanchett-as-evil-stepmother is the first casting news we’ve gotten from the film, which is being directed by Mark Romanek, director of the excellent Never Let Me Go, and written by Chris Weitz, who penned The Golden Compass and About a Boy. The film has been in the works since 2010 when, says The Wrap, “Disney set the project up in the wake of its success with Alice in Wonderland.” Surprise, surprise.

OK, sorry, my cynicism got away from me a little bit there, but I’ll try to reign it in, because Cate Blanchett playing the evil stepmother? Awesome. Is it too much to hope that the entire film will be centered around its villain, a la Maleficent? Possibly. But I can hope, can’t I?

Even though my #1 live-action Cinderella is and always will be the 1965 Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version, the one starring Lesley Anne Warren (it had Pat Carroll—a.k.a. Ursula from The Little Mermaid—as one of the evil stepsisters. You can’t beat that!), I’m still excited about this one. Cate Blanchett! Kermit flail!

(via: Digital Spy)

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