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Casino Goofs, Gives $1 Million to Wrong Guy Named Kevin Lewis, Also to Right Guy Named Kevin Lewis [Video]

Won't the real Kevin Lewis please stand up?


Cincinnati’s Horseshoe Casino is apparently just handing out a million dollars to anyone they see named Kevin Lewis. A man named Kevin Lewis won a million dollars in a promotion at the casino, but a different Kevin Lewis claimed the prize. When the “real” Kevin Lewis showed up, he got a million dollars too. It’s a good day to be Kevins Lewis.

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Casinos tend not to just give away an extra million dollars for no reason, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something in the rules of the promotion that required them to payout to both men. However, my name isn’t Kevin Lewis so I’m not particularly worried about the finer details of this thing.

You can see one of the Kevins going bananas in this video by Dayton Ohio’s Fox affiliate WRGT:

I’m willing to bet it didn’t take long before the floor of the casino turned into the end of Spartacus, but with everyone standing up to say they’re Kevin Lewis.

(WRGT via HyperVocal, image via 5chw4r7z)

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