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Hasbro Allegedly Canceled a Doll of Gina Carano’s Cara Dune From The Mandalorian

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There has been a lot of news surrounding Disney+’s The Mandalorian this week. With the departure of Gina Carano from the show, it seemed like a non-stop news cycle where Carano’s name was constant. She went from Star Wars to working with Ben Shapiro, and now it seems as if any action figures of Cara Dune still in production are reportedly canceled.

An important part of the Star Wars fandom is our collection of figures of our favorite characters. I have quite a few Leia figures of my own and I’m working on building up my Din Djarin collection. So for those die-hard fans of Cara Dune, getting a Black Series figure of the character might have been what they needed to finish out a series. But now it might not be possible.

The EiC of Geek Worldwide, KC Walsh, took to Twitter to share an image from Big Bad Toy Store that shared some information about the figures. The pre-orders for the Cara Dune action figure were, apparently, canceled.

The screengrab states:

“We have been informed by Hasbro that they have cancelled production of the Star Wars: The Black Series 6″ Cara Dune (The Mandalorian) and will not be fulfilling our order. Unfortunately, this means we must cancel our pre-orders for this item. We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding.”

On Hasbro’s actual site, the figures are labeled as “sold out” while the retro collection Cara Dune figure is on pre-order. But while there isn’t anything set in stone, it’d make sense for Hasbro to either cancel the upcoming figures or at least limit their production.

The fall out of Gina Carano’s firing has been interesting. With figures like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. rallying behind her, it isn’t surprising that Disney would want to completely separate itself from Carano. I don’t know about you but I know that I, personally, would question some things if all the Trump fans came to my defense.

Still, there’s no official word on whether or not the doll is in fact canceled from Hasbro. Despite the screengrab from Big Bad Toy Store, her figure does say “sold out” on the website and so does the Din Djarin figure and Boba Fett. Personally, I don’t foresee them making other figures in the future if they don’t recast the role but if her figure is, in fact, discontinued, there hasn’t been any official word yet.

We don’t know what’s going to happen with the character of Cara Dune and we don’t know if this is real yet but seeing both sides of this argument online, I do hope they recast Cara. (Something I’ve written about.) Clearly, her character meant a lot to people (or maybe all the weird Trump fans who now love her suddenly went and bought them which…okay?), and getting to see someone else embody the rebel from Alderaan would be nice.

(via Yahoo! image: Marvel Entertainment)

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