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Sam Wilson: Captain America #5 Introduces Marvel’s All-New All-Different Falcon


cap #5 cover

One of the great things about Marvel’s All-New All-Different approach to its comics universe is that it allows space for more women and people of color. Sam Wilson has been Captain America for a while now, but in Sam Wilson: Captain America #5, we finally get to see the birth of the new Falcon! Check out the preview pages below! **SPOILERS**

cap #5 pg 1

cap #5 pg 2

cap #5 pg 3

cap #5 pg 4

Cap #5 pg 5

So, the new Falcon is a young Latino named Joaquin Torres. Would I have been a little bit happier if the new Falcon had been a young Latina? Of course! But still, this is pretty cool. I also love the backstory. I didn’t know much about Samaritans until I moved to Los Angeles. I’ve been to readings featuring Latina writers, and some of them have written about their experiences bringing food and water to these people who are literally dying to make their kids’ lives better. And it’s not about any sort of a political agenda either—unless you consider not letting people drop dead in the desert an “agenda.”

In any case, I love that the new Falcon already has a history of helping people. He’s coming into this a hero. Sam Wilson: Captain America #5 goes on sale next week—January 13th.

What do you think of this intro to the new Falcon?

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