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Man Dresses as Captain America To Win Mayoral Race



The town of Los Molinos in Northern California has a population of about two thousand. Well, actually, it’s not even really a town: according to Wikipedia it’s actually only a census-designated place, “a concentration of population identified by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes.”

But they do have a mayor. Well, actually, the honorary title of “mayor” is given to which ever citizen of Los Molinos can raise the most money to put on the town’s two annual summer celebrations, the Fourth of July parade and Play Day in the Park, “a celebration at Mill Creek Park with games, music and food.” The title of mayor comes with no real responsibilities or priveledges, just a front row seat to the parade and membership in the Chamber of Commerce.

But soon enough the person of the mayor might come with a Captain America costume.

Vietnam veteran Kevin Benson Sr. is currently the favored candidate, according to Newsreview:

He showed his patriotism by appearing as Captain America (of Marvel Comics fame), dressed in full uniform, with mask and shield.

“I instruct school kids on the value of veterans,” he said. “One year, a teacher said I was so patriotic I was like Captain America.”

Benson’s fundraising plans include a barbecue and a couple tournaments in softball and horseshoes. His nineteen year old campaign manager is a former mayor of Los Molinos himself, so that’s certainly an advantage. We wish Mr. Benson all the best.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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