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A New Contender Has Entered the Candy Corn Discourse With This Candy Corn Bratwurst

Happy Halloween?

Candy Corn Brats

When it comes to candy corn you are either of the mindset of tossing it in the nearest trashcan or defending your decision to NOT toss it in the nearest trashcan. I personally feel no joy from eating melted orange crayons drizzled in leftover candle wax, but I know that some folks genuinely do like candy corn, and apparently, combining it with bratwurst is … good?

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Well, that’s certainly … something? Thanks Jenifer St. Market?

There’s also a video showing what goes into preparing the brat: candy corn, beer, and brat meat, you know, all the basic food groups?

Randee Dawn reported the following for TODAY:

“It’s just your traditional brat,” Justin Strassman, who’s worked with Wil Hetzel behind the butcher’s counter at the market for six years, told TODAY Food. “But we use an Oktoberfest beer in there, so there’s that caramel sweetness. We usually make the traditional brat, and we thought to change it up with candy corn.”

I will say, I’m glad (?) that the candy corn is being cooked with the meat. Hear me out on this! I imagined the folks at Jenifer Street Market piping bits of candy corn into the already made brat or taking the uncreative way out by throwing candy corn into a hotdog bun like a regular ol’ topping. To me, cooking it all together feels like a genuine attempt is being made instead of just blanching French fries in Dom Perignon so you can charge $200.

The candy corn brat is a hot ticket item and is selling twice as fast as traditional brats, according to Strassman. I’m not at all surprised as this is definitely something that would make me stop, immediately say no, start to walk away, stop, walk back to look, reflect on life’s greatest mysteries, and just, I mean …


Dawn goes on to report that this isn’t the first brat experiment that the team has tried. They’ve also tried a root beer float and supreme pizza brat, both of which were ruled out as failures. The candy corn one, however, seems to be a success—and Strassman admitted to not being sure why (but he thinks it might be the casing, which helps keep the candy corn intact).


This isn’t just a prank, bro.

People actually like how it tastes!

Is it weird that even though I loathe candy corn I … am curious about this?

Could this actually be a satisfying way to eat candy corn?

Or is this going too far?

(Image: Jenifer St. Market)

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