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Having a Stressful Thanksgiving? Have Some Calming Manatees

We want to take the chance to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Geekosystem. We hope to heck that you’re having a great day, surrounded by loved ones, kicking back, and increasingly filled with wonderful food. We know, though, that, between setting tables, getting pies out of the oven, and arguing politics with your nearest and dearest, things can get a little bit stressful during the holidays. Or, okay, a lot stressful. When we need to step away from things for a moment, there’s one site that always helps us take a nice deep breath and get a little perspective. We’re talking of course, about Calming Manatee. In the interest of you having a nice, chill day among family, friends, and food, here are a few of our favorite aquatic reminders that things are going to be just fine.[geekovision id=174]

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Feel better? Great. Us too. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


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