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Calamityware Plates, for When You Want Monsters With Dinner

"Imagine finding that bad boy behind your fish sticks!"


Fine blue-print china is all well and grand, but don’t you wish your collectible plates had a little more mayhem? Calamityware artist Don Moyer certainly does.

Moyer has updated the traditional designs of porcelain plates with a popular series of pleasingly fearsome beasts and monsters. If you purchase a design off his website, it will run you from $30-42, but contributors to the Calamity Kickstarter will get a nice discount. Check out Moyer’s charming video for more details:

Moyer already has an entire collection of beasts ready to wreak havoc on your household. Here’s a list of creatures currently available to pillage your plate:

Calamityware Plate 1: flying monkeys
Calamityware Plate 2: giant robot
Calamityware Plate 3: voracious sea monster
Calamityware Plate 4: pirates in the neighborhood
Calamityware Plate 5: UFO invasion



Use Calamityware for devilishly fancy occasions or to make any wall more frightening. The plates also make excellent family scarelooms, er, heirlooms!

(via Boing Boing, image via Calamityware Dinner Plate 3 and Calamityware)

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