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Follow Artist Steven Kraan on Twitter, Get a Pet Monster Drawing of Your Very Own

Here there be adorable Twitter monsters.

Monster Drawing

Thanks to reader Melvin Pena, this morning we learned about Twitter artist Steven Kraan who tweets as @drawing_daily. Kraan has been doing an art project where he draws a pet monster for each of his followers. He’s currently at 2,550 followers. That’s a lot of monsters.

Obviously, if not disappointingly, the turnaround between following Kraan and getting your monster is not instantaneous. I followed him from both the @Geekosystem account and my personal @GlenTickle account within the hour and neither account has a monster yet.

Looking at this feed it’s not clear how long one can expect to wait before seeing their monster, but it’s probably best not to ask. His three rules are “no nagging, no requests and one monster per follower.”

So while we wait for our monsters, let’s take a look at some drawings he’s done for other people. They’re grossly beautiful. First, here’s Pena’s monster:







As you may have guessed by the time stamps on these the monsters tend to come out in bursts. Follow @drawing_daily today and maybe you can make it into the next batch.

(Twitter via Melvin Pena)

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