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Would You Like To Live In A Hobbit Hole? Save $3,000 And It’s Yours!

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In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit and now you can too. For, I’d say, a fairly reasonable price. Where can you purchase such wonders? Etsy of course!

Most of us probably won’t ever make it to New Zealand to see the houses built for The Hobbit, even though they will become a permanent installation after filming of Peter Jackson’s two-parter, but at least now you can consider making a little of your own home Shire-like.

Ok, so technically they’re children’s playhouses but even if you, as an adult, must create life-long back pain in order to hang out in one, it might be worth it. Etsy user HobbitHoles, aka Wooden Wonders, are selling several versions of hobbit residences. “Our signature design is based on the concept of a Hobbit hole,” they write. “There are many options for customizing the concept to suit your taste through different colors, materials and additional options like planters, dormers or other decorative and/or functional features.”

They are described as, “Attractive and spacious children’s playhouse in the style of a Hobbit Hole, with a dome shaped front, curved walls, windows on either side of a round front door and a dormer with a round window. Provides a perfectly cozy enclosed space that kids will love to call their own. Great as a bus stop, summer sleepover spot and everyday imaginative play.”

The most expensive hobbit hole is going for $3,140, while the least expensive is on sale now for $1,995. According to their listing for the less expensive house, “This Hobbit Hole playhouse is 10′ wide, has a maximum interior height of 5’3″ and about 35 square feet of floor space. Comes painted as shown. Comes with a set of plexiglass and screen windows. Has a pressure treated floor system and all cedar framing. Floor is urethane-treated sanded plywood.”

As you can imagine, these items can’t be shipped, but they can be picked up or delivered. “Delivery rate is $1.95/mi round trip from Thorndike, Maine.”

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