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Inter-Bus Stop, Online, Multiplayer, Touchscreen Gaming with Neighborhood Leaderboards

When they’re not shutting down Delicious, Yahoo is apparently being awesome and installing large movie-poster-sized touchscreens at twenty bus stops in San Francisco, on which people waiting for the bus can choose from and play a variety of video games, which include online multiplayer with people playing in other bus stops. The “Bus Stop Derby,” as Yahoo calls it, will pit pre-bus passengers from twenty different neighborhoods against each other, through trivia, puzzle and other genres of games, and the neighborhood that has the most points when the competition is over will receive a free block party featuring OK Go.

While waiting at the stop, all a rider has to do is pick a game, choose a neighborhood said rider wishes to represent, then they can challenge any other player representing another neighborhood for some online, competitive, multiplayer, bus stop gaming. Apparently, Yahoo has also taken precautions to avoid any kind of automated playing. The touchscreens and contest were made possible by a team-up between Yahoo, Clear Channel, and the Municipal Transportation Agency.

One must wonder if some of the negative aspects of online, competitive, multiplayer gaming will come into play here. Bus stop teabagging, perhaps? Mods with an abusive banhammer? Racist preteens? Online competitive gaming, I salute you.

(The Examiner via Gizmodo; image via PSFK)

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