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I Know What the Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson Show Should Be Based On



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There’s a new show in town, and we still don’t know that much about it. Though it has been rumored that we’re getting a Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson show from Marvel, there’s nothing confirmed as of this moment. So what do I hope that show turns out to be? Here’s my dream scenario.

The Winter Soldier is a new comic series, written by Kyle Higgins, that follows Bucky as he strives to help others get out of Hydra. There, he has Tony Stark to help him get people (like RJ, who tries to murder him) to safety. So, what if we based the Falcon/Winter Soldier show on this new comic and just made Sam a focal point with Bucky, rather than Tony Stark?

The second issue of the comic brings to life the storyline that I want to see in the show. It introduces RJ, who Hydra created to be what the Winter Soldier couldn’t. He fails at that mission, and Bucky takes him in to help him get out of Hydra. In the comic, they’re planning on contacting Tony, but with this setup, it could easily be Sam who they bring into the mess, leading to Bucky, Sam, and RJ out in the world, completing their mission of helping those who cannot get out of Hydra themselves. And why not make RJ a woman, while we’re at it?

It could open the door for Isaiah Bradley to make an appearance in the MCU, as well. While they’re on the road, Bucky, Sam, and RJ could come in contact with Isaiah, leaving the option for Bucky to bond with him since they both have a history of being experimented on.

It could also give everyone an even playing field. The problem a lot of fans have with these joint shows is that we’re afraid one of the characters is going to end up with less screen time than the other. With this storyline, both Bucky and Sam are on the same level, both trying to help RJ and other Hydra agents escape. Plus, it gives the option to include others in the show.

So, at the end of the day, Marvel should hire me to write this show because I’d give the people what they want: Bucky and RJ dealing with their Hydra-inspired demons, and Sam constantly giving them grief. @Marvel I’m available. Just saying.

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