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There’s a Bucky Barnes Figurine With a Disintegrating Arm and I Cried

As if Infinity War wasn't enough now we have to cry about a DOLL

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Storytime! A troll on the internet ruined Bucky Barnes’ fate in Avengers: Infinity War for me when I asked that no one spoil the movie (even though I was going to the first showing on opening night). I got a DM about an article I wrote and, at the end, he said “Oh yeah, and Bucky Barnes dies.”

Months later and every time I think about Avengers: Infinity War, I am angry and upset and there’s nothing I can really do about it because Thanos snapped and so did, apparently, the Russo brothers. (Why did they have to hurt us so much?)

So imagine my shock and surprise when a Bucky Barnes Hot Toy emerges looking identical to Sebastian Stan that starts to disintegrate just like James Buchanan Barnes himself.

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That being said, this figure is absolutely incredible, as we’ve come to expect from Hot Toys. The detail is brilliant, all the different aspects of it that are included; you can have your perfect Bucky Barnes, newly washed hair and all, but what’s kind of scary is how uncanny this toy looks. We’re sure it starts moving at night and caring for tiny Wakandan goats.

As if it wasn’t enough that we all love every different Bucky Barnes toy out there, now we have to save up to buy this doll that is going to break our hearts every time we look at it.

The best part of this comes from the copy about the toy itself. According to ComicBook.com, it is an “authentic and detailed likeness of Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in Avengers: Infinity War.” The description continues to be a delight by talking about the aspects of the figure that you get.

Personally, I love the “normal and turn to dust” choices you get with the figurine’sama interchangeable left arms:

  • Two (2) left arms with mechanic details and specially applied metallic painting (normal and turn to dust)
  • Ten (10) pieces of interchangeable hands (right with glove) including:
  • One (1) pair of fists
  • One (1) pair of open hands
  • Two (2) pairs of gun holding hands
  • One (1) pair of knife holding hands

At the end of the day though, you have to think about your Bucky figure saying “Steve?” and then start to turn to dust and all the joy that this figure who looks like Sebastian Stan gave you will be gone.

Because, no matter how hard we try to forget about it, Infinity War is always there to remind us that half of our favorite characters are dead.


Hopefully, next May, we’re shown that Bucky Barnes is fine and he gets to see his best friend again and we can forget Avengers: Infinity War ever made us feel anything. We’re sure there’ll be nothing tragic in store for Bucky and Steve in Avengers 4. Yup. Yup. Yup.

Until then, we can all save our money and buy him when he is available. (He also comes with a dagger because Bucky sure does love his knives!)

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(image: Marvel)

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