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Bryan Fuller Continues to Tease Us With Hints About Star Trek: Discovery

Effectively raising our excitement levels to warp five.


Ever since Star Trek: Discovery co-creator Bryan Fuller promised to “spoiler it up” in the months leading up to the series’ January 2017 premiere, he’s certainly delivered on that front so far. His Twitter feed has been rife with teases and hints of what’s to come from this newest Trek incarnation, though it’s nothing that could really be construed as a major spoiler–just enough to keep us excited.

So far, we’ve seen an alien makeup test that can’t be readily identified (is it Andorian? a distantly related cousin? WHO KNOWS) as well as learned where the show will chronologically be set in the franchise’s universe–roughly 10 years before Kirk, Spock, McCoy and all the rest.

Further combing through Fuller’s Twitter feed over the last week, however, led to some thrilling reveals. While at Star Trek: Mission New York last weekend, I had the opportunity to speak with an individual who shall not be named about the potential new costumes for DSC–and while said person heavily implied that they had been reviewing uniform samples from Bryan Fuller, they were unable to allow me to take a peek. Fortunately for me, Fuller released this pic on Twitter a couple hours later (as if, somehow, he’d been listening in on our convo the whole time):

While this photo only illustrates the colors that will be in use, presumably for the various officer uniforms, we don’t quite know how they’ll be tailored and incorporated into the overall uniform design yet. It’s interesting to note that Gucci has survived through the centuries at this point, though.

On Thursday, Fuller also revealed that an episode from the Star Trek original series would be a “touchstone for the Star Trek: Discovery story arc”–episode 15 of season one, titled “Balance of Terror”:

This episode famously introduced the species known as Romulans into the Star Trek world–fans will be very familiar with the Romulans and their ongoing tension with the Federation which lasted over the course of not just the first show but all of the subsequent series and films. It also introduced the actor Mark Lenard, who plays a Romulan commander but would more famously go on to portray the role of Sarek, Spock’s father. Given that Fuller is specifically referencing this episode as an instrumental one in defining the story of Star Trek: Discovery, it stands to reason we can expect the Romulans to pop up at some point over the course of the first season’s 13 episodes.

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