Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen Might Co-Star In, Get Stepped On By Godzilla

Cautiously Optimistic

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Gareth EdwardsGodzilla remake has had a shaky time of things so far. It’s had a bazillion or so people working on its script (OK, more like five), which is usually not a good sign. And last month it lost two of its producers. But with original The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont working on what is hopefully the script’s last rewrite and the start of production scheduled for March, it’s time for Edwards et. al. to move things along a bit. And that means casting.

Variety reports that Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen are in talks to co-star in the film, as is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, though we knew about that one already.

But no one’s going to get hired until Darabont finishes his rewrite, which makes sense. Hurry it up, Frank. Not much time left until March.

Reports /Film,

Few plot or character details have been revealed at this point, so we don’t know what parts Cranston and Olsen are circling. A rumor went around last month that Taylor-Johnson would be playing a soldier fighting not just Godzilla but two other monsters as well, but none of that info has been confirmed.

I have tentative good feelings about this remake—I like Darabont, and Gareth Edwards as a director is an interesting choice. I’ve heard a lot of good things about his feature debut, Monsters, which apparently got him the Godzilla job, though I still need to see it.

It’s a safe bet that it’ll be better than the 1998 Godzilla with Matthew Broderick, anyway. Not that that’s a particularly high bar.

(via: /Film)

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