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Bruce Campbell Says The Evil Dead Remake Is “Awesome,” We Choose to Trust Him


Listen up, you primitive screwheads: dashing cult hero Bruce Campbell participated in an AMA on Reddit this week where he confirmed a remake of The Evil Dead. He said that he’s read the script and it’s “awesome.” If that doesn’t get you completely pumped, one commenter suggested a collaboration that would blow the geek world to kingdom come.

Okay, so that’s not exactly promising. But can you imagine? Even better: can you imagine Nathan Fillion as Ash? Campbell said that he will produce the remake, but not star in it. Personally, I think Fillion is a replacement that die-hard Evil Dead fans can get behind. In fact, that could be downright amazing. (Another possible contender: Isaiah Mustafa, the other Old Spice Guy.) Let the Twitter campaign commence!

There have been rumors about a remake of The Evil Dead for a while, but this is very promising news. And since Campbell — who is the first to admit he’s taken parts in some questionable projects (and that he’s bad at his own video game) — is reassuring us that this new script is awesome, I think it would be fair to take him at his word.

And, in recognition of other horror goings-on today, that being the opening of Scream 4, here is Campbell’s take on the horror genre:

Bruce Campbell — Voice of Reason.

(Reddit via JoBlo)

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