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Gotham Cops Comic Creators Respond to Gotham Cops TV Show Reveal

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

In case you missed it, we’re finally getting a show about cops in Gotham City, but it’s not going to be based on Gotham Central and I found that confusing.

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So did a lot of other folks, according to the creators of the critically acclaimed comic series, Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka, who sent a wave of congratulations in the direction of the two writers.

Brubaker tweeted:

Rucka took the time to address the concerns and congratulations of fans at a bit more length on his Tumblr.

1. I was as surprised and delighted as everyone to hear they were making a “young Gordon” cop show.

2. As far as I know, this has nothing to do with Gotham Central.

3. If it did have anything to do with Gotham Central, that wouldn’t matter, because DC owns the rights and the characters, as they should. This was work-for-hire, something all of us knew at the start.

4. I have not been contacted by anyone involved.

5. I would be delighted to be contacted by anyone involved ;)

6. I wish FOX and DC Entertainment success with the show.

That’s it. No drama, no trauma.

The biggest difference between Gotham and Gotham Central that we know so far is that Gotham will take place before Bruce Wayne begins his work as Batman, indicating perhaps that while one of Gotham Central major themes was the complicated relationship between Gotham City police and the world of superheroics, Gotham will be focusing on some other aspect of cop drama in a superhero world.

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