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British Supervillains Are 1000% Better Than Regular Ones, As This Jaguar Ad Shows Us [Video]

It's because of the Revolutionary War, obviously.

Like us, you’ve probably heard whispers around the Internet of Jaguar’s Super Bowl ad, which features a bunch of British actors (Tom Hiddleston) talking about how evil they are in a very suave and attractive way (Tom Hiddleston) and then getting out of helicopters like badasses and driving away in fancy cars. Oh, did we mention Tom Hiddleston is in it?

On a related note, when I first heard that Mark Strong, Tom Hiddleston, and Ben Kingsley would be in this commercial, I got Mark Strong confused with Mark Sheppard of Firefly/Supernatural/Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica fame and was very excited to see this ad (he is actually English, after all). Alas, it was the more famous Mark instead. Still, at least we have Hiddleston drinking tea in a helicopter. That’s all we could really ask for.

(via Jaguar on Youtube)

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