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This Somewhat Horrifying Drone Has a Surprisingly Mundane Purpose

Robot drones have a wide array of applications that range from spying on things to killing them. They’re usually pretty unassuming to look at, but sometimes they’re the stuff of nightmares, like the one pictured above. Proving that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, this terrifying drone actually has one of the most mundane jobs we’ve seen. It isn’t used for surveillance or killing, it’s used for…

…filming golf tournaments?

I know appearances aren’t everything, but this thing looks like it’s more suited for trying to get information out of Princess Leia than it is for capturing a quiet afternoon out on the links. But sure enough, golf-things-maker Titleist tweeted this photo earlier today:

So the Golf Channel has a terrifying drone now, but at least for now it seems they’re only interested in using their new powers for good. For now…

(via Twitter)

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