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What’s The Deal With The Blue Kyber Crystal Necklace in ‘Andor’?

A kyber crystal necklace makes for some pretty sweet drip.

A kyber crystal necklace makes for some pretty sweet drip.

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Seriously, it’s SUCH a fashion statement. When Luthen Rael gave Cassian Andor a kyber crystal necklace he was basically saying “bro, level up your style game.” How is this such a game changer to Cassian’s fit, you ask? Because kyber crystals are so rare.

Sooo … what is a kyber crystal?

Obi-Wan with a Lightsaber in Obi-Wan Kenobi

A kyber crystal is like a fine Rolex, except instead buying it at Cartier on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, you went to a barren ice planet and dug that shit out of the ground. Kyber crystals are naturally occurring gems in the Star Wars universe, and they are exceedingly valuable. Why? Because you can make lightsabers out of them.

It’s a Jedi rite of passage to go shopping for kyber crystals in order to build a sweet-ass lightsaber of one’s own. This “shopping” consists of going to the remote corners of the galaxy and mucking around in the dirt and snow until one strikes gold, or kyber. See, kyber crystals have a mysterious connection to the force, which makes them perfect for building lightsabers out of. They can also be used to build superweapons like the Death Star itself. The Empire mined a metric shit ton of kyber crystals and combined them all to make the Death Star’s planet killing laser beam. Gross.

But this is why a kyber crystal necklace is such a fashion statement. It’s like owning a Ferrari that you don’t even drive. “Yeah, it looks better in my garage. Just like this kyber crystal looks better around my neck.” The potential uses of a kyber crystal are endless, but rather than using it for something useful, you can just accessorize with it and absolutely stunt on everyone. “Oh you need a kyber crystal for a lightsaber to fight the forces of evil? Lol find your own.” By giving a kyber crystal to Cassian Andor, Luthen Rael gave him the gift of style, which is a gift that just keeps on giving.

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