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Blue Beetle’s Powers and Abilities, Explained

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DC’s Jaime Reyes (a.k.a. Blue Beetle) is heading to the big screen soon. Blue Beetle is set to release on August 18, 2023, and will be the first superhero film led by a Latino superhero. Xolo Maridueña, best known from Cobra Kai, will be portraying Reyes. Additionally, Bruna Marquezine, George Lopez, Susan Sarandon, and Raoul Trujillo have been cast in the film. Angel Manuel Soto has also been tapped to direct Blue Beetle.

Reyes is the third iteration of the Blue Beetle superhero. Previously, Fox Comics and Charlton Comics owned the Blue Beetle character and their iterations were named Dan Garret and Ted Kord, respectively. Fox Comics first passed Blue Beetle to Charlton Comics. Then, in the 1980s, DC Comics acquired Charlton Comics properties, including Blue Beetle. However, DC chose to recreate the third and current Blue Beetle, Reyes. It is unclear if Blue Beetle will reference any of the other iterations of Blue Beetle or just Reyes.

Since we know the iteration of Blue Beetle that will be leading the film, we can gather up quite a bit of information about the character. In the comics, Reyes is a teenager who finds the Blue Beetle Scarab that gave his past versions their power. The Scarab is a device of alien technology and artificial intelligence that was created by the alien species, The Reach. Once in Reyes’ possession, the Scarab comes alive and binds itself to Reyes’ spine. This is Reyes’ power source that allows him to take on the mantle of the Blue Beetle.

What Are Reyes’ Powers?

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Once the Scarab latches onto Reyes’ spine, it can manifest various powers of its own will. For one, the Scarab has defensive powers that are involuntary to Reyes. When he is in danger, the Scarab automatically activates and encompasses him in a high-tech suit of armor. This suit, when activated, is a dazzling blue with the characteristics of a Beetle. Meanwhile, Reyes can actually communicate with the Scarab’s AI, though he frequently disagrees with its methods and attitude, which serves as one of his few weaknesses. Eventually, the two strike up a tentative friendship and Reyes gained some control over his powers.

When in use, the suit provides Reyes with durability, superhuman strength, and flight. It can also translate both human and alien languages for Reyes. The suit’s durability is so high that it is bulletproof and allows Reyes to survive tornadoes, the heat of a rocket launch, re-entering Earth’s orbit, and potentially even bomb blasts. Meanwhile, the suit can sprout wings to give Reyes the power to fly, as well as additional rocket boosters for speed. The suit can also produce energy blasts from its hands that are powerful enough to discharge Kryptonite radiation and neutralize magic.

While durability, strength, flight, and even energy blasts are pretty common powers, Blue Beetle’s abilities don’t end there. The suit also has the ability of construction and transformation: it can construct objects out of nanotechnology, as well as transform itself into nearly anything. Among many things, the suit has transformed itself into a sword, shield, cannon, grappling hook, and staple gun. Additionally, the suit’s sensors can scan for human presences or even serve as a lie detector. Lastly, the suit also has a technological interface that can manipulate other alien technology.

Blue Beetle’s Dormant and Hidden Powers

In addition to the powers Reyes gains when the Scarab is active, he has one power that lingers even when the Scarab is dormant. This is the power of specialized sight. Essentially, Reyes can perceived extra-dimensional objects whether the Scarab is active or not. However, this is the only power that Reyes retains outside of the suit. Otherwise, Reyes boasts no superpowers or superhuman elements of his own.

This pretty much encompasses Blue Beetle’s known powers. Yet, there may still be a few hidden ones that could manifest as secret weapons. Reyes has alluded to the fact that the Blue Beetle harbors weapons of mass destruction. These weapons could potentially be powerful enough to take out Spectre – one of the most powerful characters in DC comics. However, Reyes refuses to utilize lethal force against any foe, which explains why he has not utilized such weapons yet. The potential that these weapons do exist though, means that Blue Beetle could be one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe.

(featured image: DC comics)

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