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BitTorrent Built Into a TV for the First Time

Earlier this year, BitTorrent Inc. released an all-in-one ecosystem for BitTorrent products called Chrysalis, which allows users to — by way of using a certified application — find files using BitTorrent, then play them on a media-playing device of their choice, such as TVs, computers or mobile devices. What really makes the product convenient is that users don’t have to pay attention to the Big Three of things that prevent media from running on devices — codecs, file formats, and conversion — which anyone from the early days of modern media devices will tell you make getting that episode of Pushing Daises to properly display on your flip phone a big pain.

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BitTorrent Inc. and partner and TV manufacturer Vestel are going to make using media downloaded from BitTorrent a little bit easier. Today, the duo announced the launch of a digital TV that will come with the aforementioned BitTorrent support built right in, a first of its kind.

Vestel’s Hakan Kutlu explains why BitTorrent and the television deserve a mashup:

“Consumers want all types of personal media and Internet content in their living rooms and the TV remains the most desired device for consuming this digital media, regardless of source.

BitTorrent certification helps our TV line meet this consumer demand and ensures that Vestel products remain at the forefront of technology innovation and adoption.”

Although torrents are pretty much currently the easiest form (not necessarily the best) of peer-to-peer file sharing, BitTorrent feels that less tech savvy people still do not adopt what is basically a three-click, set-and-forget search and download process because it is too complex in their eyes. Chief BitTorrent strategist Shahi Ghanem:

“The world of digital media has become unnecessarily complex and results in an increasingly fragmented consumer experience. People want access to their entire content library – personal media, Internet files, and artist approved content – regardless of source, media type, or file format.”

BitTorrent also confirmed that more devices running Chrysalis will be announced this coming fall.

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