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Our Friend Bill Nye is the ABC News “Person of the Week!”

Maybe we should make June 4th, the day Bill Nye said he'd be our friend, "Bill Nye Day" here at Geekosystem.


Bill Nye is an engineer, a science guy, and our friend. His work has influenced the lives of young people, science buffs, and Geekosystem bloggers for decades. We’re happy to see him honored as the ABC News “Person of the Week.” This clip gives a short profile of Nye’s life, work, and extensive bow tie collection. We don’t really have a “Person of the week,” here at Geekosystem, but now I kind of wish we did.

Neil deGrasse Tyson shared in the enthusiasm by tweeting out what he claims is a very rare picture of Nye without a bow tie:


(via ABC News)

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