Bill Nye Answers Science Questions About Cognitive Dissonance, AI, and Avocados

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In a segment titled “Science Support” on WIRED, our favorite Science Guy answered Twitter questions about science, addressing topics like cognitive dissonance, alternative energy, and all other curiosities.

When asked about why climate change denial is still a thing, Bill Nye breaks down cognitive dissonance, and says, “People have a certain world view, they’re confronted with certain evidence that conflicts with that world view, so they have dissonance–conflict in their minds. So what’s generally done instead of changing your world view, which you might have held your entire life, you dismiss the evidence and along with that you dismiss the authorities that may have provided the evidence.”

On cloning extinct species, Nye says “I think it’d be cool” with his woolly mammoth Steve and gives an appropriate amount of sass to questions about evolution, AI, and avocados. “What do you think?!” should be a new catchphrase, and I’m all here for the new snarky Bill Nye who doesn’t have any patience for flat-earthers.

A lot of the questions here are actually explored more in depth in his upcoming Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World, which comes out Friday.

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