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Oh My God What: Bill Nye’s Going To Be On Dancing with the Stars

Not a Misprint

On the plus side, as Susana pointed out: He’ll probably talk about science a lot! But Dancing with the Stars. And there could be potentially awesome astronomy puns in there. But Dancing with the Stars. And if there’s anyone who deserves A) our respect when it comes to his decision-making and B) the benefit of the doubt, it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy (Bill! Bill! Bill!). But Dancing with the Stars. And I don’t have to watch it! In fact, I almost definitely won’t watch it, so good or bad, why do I care?

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But Dancing with the Stars. He’s going to be on a show with Snooki. To quote the great Troy Barnes: I don’t know what to do! My whole brain is crying!

For those with the emotional fortitude, two more pictures are under the cut.

(via: TVLine)

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