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Bill Murray on Letterman: Ghostbusters 3 his “Nightmare”

On last night’s Late Show, Bill Murray — who, you may recall, was David Letterman‘s first guest on his first show in 1982 — came on to discuss Ghostbusters 3, in which, the word on the street says, Murray will be returning to play sarcastic womanizing Ghostbuster Dr. Peter Venkman.

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Murray said that he would be in Ghostbusters 3, but only if “they killed [him] off in the first reel,” and that they’d figured out a way to do it; this jibes with the rumor that he’ll play a ghost in the movie. In general, though, he seemed down on Ghostbusters: he called the movie his “nightmare,” and expressed doubt that it would ever actually be made (“it’s crazy talk”). He did have fond memories of making the Ghostbusters video game, though.

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