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Bill Gates No Longer Richest Man in the World — Because He’s Given So Much to Charity

According to Forbes, Microsoft founder Bill Gates isn’t the richest man in the world anymore, and he will likely have to settle once again for a measly second place behind Mexican businessman Carlos Slim. Gates is currently only worth a paltry $49 billion, behind Slim’s less-paltry $60 billion.

The reason why Gates lost his spot atop the largest pile of money in the world? He gave a third of it to charity — his own charity, in fact — and would apparently be worth about $88 billion if he hadn’t, demonstrating the old sentiment that it’s much cooler to choose not to be something than it is to attempt to be something. This is only the second time since 1995 that Gates has lost the top spot, but he can certainly feel good about losing it for all the right reasons.

(via The Next Web)

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