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UGH NO NBC Ordered a Pilot for That Bewitched Remake



Remember last week when we expressed our extreme displeasure at the idea that a Bewitched remake was in the works? Well, it’s happening, and it’s landed at NBC. What could possibly go wrong?

Deadline is reporting that, “in a very competitive situation” with ABC, NBC has won the bidding war and commissioned a pilot for the new witching half hour. Made by Sony Pictures TV, the pilot will be written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, who wrote Never Been Kissed (yay!), but who also more recently wrote Valentine’s Day, He’s Just Not That Into You, and The Vow (nay!).


The new series will be set in modern times and will focus on Samantha’s granddaughter (and Tabitha’s daughter), a 20-something witch named Daphne. Apparently, she’s “always used her magical powers to conjure herself the perfect life[, b]ut she soon realizes that the one thing she cannot conjure and control is the one thing she wants most—real love.”

That’s… that’s a joke, right? Do they know that this is not, in fact, 1964 anymore? That this will actually be 50 years after the original series began airing? But all they can come up with is that a 20-something modern witch would only care about whether or not she can get the D?


Daphne, girl. Do your thing. Be a confident witch. Get a rad job. Love yourself. The dudes will be falling in your lap, I promise. Hey, how about a show about a 20-something modern witch who is an awesome bad-ass and the love storyline is secondary? Like, the first season of The Mindy Project, but with magic?

Or how about we all just go and watch the original series on DVD and cry for a while?


(via Variety)

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