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Betty White Is Not Enchanted With Facebook: The Internet Kinda Agrees

Betty White’s highly anticipated stint as the host of Saturday Night Live aired last night, and the lovely young lady had some thanks for the community that put here there: Facebook.

But I really have to thank Facebook.  When I first heard about the campaign to get me to host Saturday Night Live I didn’t know what Facebook was.  And now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time.

I would never say the people on it are losers.  But that’s only because I’m polite.

It’s uh, much more funny and endearing when she says it.

Ms. White went on to outline some of the things about Facebook that bothered her:

Needless to say we didn’t have Facebook when I was growing up.  We had Phonebook, but you wouldn’t waste an afternoon on it.

Yes, we had poking.  But it wasn’t something you did on a computer.  It was something you did on a hayride.  Under a blanket.

And now I’m here tonight because you wanted me to be.  I just want to say I feel so loved.  Thank you.  If I could I would take you all on a big hayride.

Of course, Facebook has been bothering a lot of people lately, with its seeming insistence that your information belongs to them and any company willing to buy it from them, rather than you.  Wired‘s Ryan Singel has an article entitled Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative, that sums up the list of transgressions quite clearly.

If the social media giant does happen to collapse in the coming soon-ness, you heard it here first: Betty White killed Facebook.

(via Mediaite.)

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