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If You Aren’t Watching ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 7, You Should Be

An animated boy talks with his grandpa in an underground lab in 'Rick and Morty.'

Season 7 of Rick and Morty may be the best one yet, but if you’re just hearing this and looking to get caught up, you’ll need to know where you can watch.

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The new season of is the first venture without series co-creator Justin Roiland, who was forced to leave the show after allegations of domestic abuse and other toxic behavior surfaced. However, season 7 may be the best of the series so far. The magic of the adult animated comedy seems stronger than ever.

Replacement voice actors Ian Cardoni (playing Rick) and Harry Belden (playing Morty) have stepped into the roles once voiced by Roiland, and both recent additions have knocked it out of the park. One episode featured a battle that had been building for years, and the actors made it extremely memorable and satisfying. There has been an outstanding balance between Rick’s story, seeing some old friends, and the unhinged adventures we know the series for. Plus, we got to see a whole new side of Summer doing her thing like an action star.

With only two episodes left before the finale, here’s where you can make sure you’re all caught up on Rick and Morty before the season ends on December 17.

Where is Rick and Morty Streaming?

If you are looking to watch Rick and Morty without a cable subscription, you have a few options.

Adult Swim: The official Adult Swim website streams episodes for free. However, not all the episodes stream at the same time. Usually, only a few of the new seasons can be watched at any time. The rest remain locked unless you have a cable subscription.

Hulu: If you have a top-tier Hulu subscription, you can watch new episodes of Rick and Morty as they premiere on TV, every Sunday night. The basic Hulu service only currently has seasons 1 through 6 available.

HBO Max: Currently, only past seasons of Rick and Morty are available on HBO Max (now just Max). Hopefully, it won’t be too long before season 7 is available through Max.

For those willing to pay now to see season 7, platforms like VUDU allow you to purchase digital copies of the episodes. Otherwise, you can catch new episodes as they air on Cartoon Network at 11PM EST/PST, 10PM CST, on Sunday nights.

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