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The 20 Best Witchy Gifts For the Magical People in Your Life

So magical!

A woman in a witch's hat with a broom stands in the woods.
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So you’ve got a witch in your life. Congratulations! Witches are awesome. If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, though, you might find yourself stuck. Witchcraft can be a deeply personal practice, not to mention kind of inscrutable from the outside. Plus, a lot of gifts, like crystals mined with child labor or smudge sticks that culturally appropriate from Indigenous peoples, aren’t the most ethical options. So what can you give your witch that they’ll love?

One safe bet is a gift certificate to your local occult store. If that’s not an option, though—or if you just want to give them something more personalized—then here are a few ideas!

An inclusive tarot deck

True Heart Tarot Deck
The True Heart Tarot (Houghten Mifflin Harcourt)

Although many witches have one or two preferred tarot decks that they always read with, witches also tend to be tarot deck collectors, amassing entire bookshelves full of beautifully illustrated cards. With so many great decks out there—and publishers finally becoming friendlier to decks that aren’t straight and white—you can’t go wrong with one of these gorgeous options.

The True Heart Intuitive Tarot by Rachel True

True Heart Intuitive Tarot“>Rachel True, the actress and tarot reader who played Rochelle in The Craft designed this deck to be used intuitively, instead of by assigning a fixed meaning to each card.

The Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road

Cristy C. Road is a celebrated writer and illustrator, and her Next World Tarot celebrates justice, revolution, and radical community in all its forms.

The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

Artist Lisa Sterle has taken the classic 78 cards from the Smith-Waite tarot and transformed them into a collection of diverse, 21st century witches.

A magical bath or wash

Herbs and tinctures against a yellow background.
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Witches love baths. An herbal bath can be a powerful form of magic, washing away negativity and bringing in new influences. The problem, though, is that the more baths a witch takes, the faster they go through their supply of bath salts, bath bombs, and herbal blends. Do you want your favorite witch to run out just when they need a good soak? Of course not! Get them some of these to keep them well stocked.

St. Lucy Apothecary baths and oils

Sold by Catland Books online and in their Brooklyn shop, St. Lucy Apothecary crafts baths and oils for all sorts of magical work: money drawing, evil eye, divine justice, and even help with specific careers like sex work and freelancing.

Haus of Hoodoo ritual baths

Based in New Orleans, Haus of Hoodoo has a huge selection of herbal blends for ritual baths. Each bath is handmade and blessed by shop owners Manbo Jessyka Winston and her husband. A few options include fame, protection, and road opening.

Ritualcravt Spiritual Soaps

Ritualcravt in Colorado sells handcrafted soaps for a variety of purposes, including fast luck and protection.

Witchy clothes

Kathy Najimi, Bette Middler, and Sarah Jessica Parker return as the Sanderson Sisters in Disney's Hocus Pocus 2.

A witch doesn’t have to dress like one of the Sanderson Sisters to show off their witchy flair. Why not contribute to your favorite witch’s wardrobe with an indie designer?

Cat Coven

Cat Coven is a line of T-shirts, stickers, patches, and other items that show off the block-print-inspired artwork of Kjersti Faret. If you like cats, witches, and subversive queer art, you’ll love Cat Coven. You might even be able to snag one of the pieces from the Everyday Fantasy collection, which turns renaissance faire garb into items you can wear every day.

Opal Moon Designs

If your witchy bud has a flair for the dramatic, you can give them a cloak, dress, or duster from Opal Moon Designs. These pieces can be dressed up or down depending on how ren faire your witch wants to go.

Marcella Kroll

Illustrator, author, and tarot reader Marcella Kroll runs a Threadless shop with T-shirts, leggings, and more.

Spell supplies

A collection of occult and mystical objects on a table.
(Rodnae Productions via

Like bath supplies, witches can go through candles, herbs, altar dressings, and other spell supplies pretty quickly. If you know what kind of magic your witch is working, here are some beautiful items that they’re sure to love.

Haus of Hoodoo fixed candles

Along with her baths, Jessyka Winston also sells a line of spell candles with beautiful illustrations on their glass jars. You can choose from specific intentions like uncrossing or better business, or go with perennial intentions like higher wisdom.

House of Intuition ritual candles

House of Intuition, based in Los Angeles, CA, sells a line of jar candles dedicated to new moons, astrological signs, and more. These palm wax candles are lightly scented.

Herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs sells organic and ethically sourced bulk herbs, tea blends, incenses, and other herbalism supplies.

Books and zines on witchcraft

Two people looking at a book closely. (Image: Cottonbro via Pexels.)
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There are countless books on witchcraft, magic, and paganism out there, so a good book—or a gift card to an occult bookstore—is always a good bet. Here are a couple of witchy booksellers and publishers with exquisitely curated collections. You can also check out our witchy, tarot, and astrology booklists.

Catland Books

Catland has a fantastic collection, although their items tend to sell out quickly. If you see something your witch will like, nab it while you can.

Spiral House Shop

Formerly known as Portland Button Works, this zine distro specializes in witchy books, zines, buttons, and more. Their selection is gigantic and if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you can browse their stuff in person at one of their frequent pop-ups.

Gods & Radicals (a.k.a. A Beautiful Resistance)

Specializing in radical and anarchist literature, Gods & Radicals publishes numerous titles on pagan spirituality and politics.

A national or regional park pass

Man in the woods
(Phil Hearing Via unsplash)

Since many witches are also nature lovers, a pass to a national or regional park might give your favorite witch a chance to get away from city life and soak up the natural world. If you’re in the United States, one place to start is, which sells passes to parks all over the country. If you’re on a budget, or your witch is a fan of day hikes, you can also contact your local regional park to ask about day passes.

Witchy art

Three cards from Stephanie Law's Shadowscapes Tarot laid out on a table with herbs and crystals.
Cards from the Shadowscapes Tarot (Veronika Malchevska via

Want to give your witch’s home beautiful and support an indie artist at the same time? Here are a few artists creating deliciously witchy art.

Camille Chew

Camille Chew illustrated the book Basic Witches, and you can buy her work as T-shirts, prints, and more.

Katy Horan

Katy Horan, illustrator of the Literary Witches book and oracle deck, sells original artwork on her site.

Stephanie Law

Creator of the Shadowscapes Tarot, Stephanie Law sells ethereal watercolor prints and original paintings.

A magic class, tarot reading, or retreat

A woman in a witch's hat with a broom stands in the woods.
(Photo by Thirdman via

Witchcraft classes aren’t just for beginners. Even seasoned witches take classes to learn new skills, get new perspectives, or simply be in community with other witches. You can check the event calendar at your local occult store, or browse the online classes at Catland Books or Ritualcravt.

If you’ve got a bigger budget, you could book your witch a retreat. The Reclaiming Tradition hosts multi-day WitchCamps around the world, filled with learning opportunities and ecstatic ritual.

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