Yoda ponders the Force in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

13 ‘Star Wars’ Board Games To Dominate Any Game Night

You have dinner guests coming over? Perhaps someone you really wanna impress? Your boss? A date? Your frenemy neighbors? There’s only one surefire way to command their respect: with a Star Wars board game. Show them that you’re unafraid to have fun, but also go for the jugular.

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1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Board Game

The box featuring Jedi for Star Wars The Clone Wars Board Game

The Star Wars The Clone Wars Board Game is the PERFECT opportunity to subjugate your dinner guests with your game-playing might. You get to take control of a powerful Galactic army and overwhelm your opponents with tactical superiority. Not only that, but you can command Jedi heroes to forgo their peacemaking vows and crush your foes under the weight of the force. This game has four different scenarios to choose from! Four ways to break your opponent’s resolve.

2. Star Wars Villainous: Power of The Dark Side

A box depicting Darth Vader and game pieces for Star Wars Villainous- Power of The Dark Side

Board games have a tendency to bring out the worst in humanity. Star Wars Villainous: Power of The Dark Side encourages you to get in touch with the worst version of you! Embrace your dark side with this strategy game as you take on the role of Darth Vader! The Emperor! Or any other evil Star Wars baddie that your black heart desires to be! It’s your job to subjugate the Galaxy in this strategy game, plotting against your foes. Scheming. Backstabbing. Force choking. This game might result in real-life choking once it’s over!

3. Star Wars Outer Rim 

A box depicting a space battle for Star Wars Outer Rim

Have you ever wanted to journey to the far edges of The Galaxy? The wild, untamed planets home to hostile alien beasts and powerful ancient artifacts? With the Star Wars Outer Rim board game, now you can! You roleplay as a denizen of the underworld who must face off against bounty hunters, smugglers, and all the other flotsam and jetsam of the Galaxy and assert your supremacy over the vast wilderness of space! Just make sure your “friends” don’t get there first.

4. Star Wars Rebellion

The package for the Star Wars Rebellion Lego set

Will you be a freedom-fighting force of good? Or a tyrannical doer of evil? Star Wars Rebellion lets you decide! You and up to three friends can choose Light or Dark side in the intergalactic conflict, and fight to liberate The Galaxy or to rule it. This game is BIG. Two game boards, 150 miniatures, and a boatload of different dice. In a fight for the future of the Galaxy, the game itself is gonna be Galaxy-sized.

5. Clue: Star Wars Edition

Box art depicting Star Wars heroes for Star Wars Clue

It was Chewbacca! In the Falcon! With the Ewok! Clue: Star Wars Edition doesn’t quite let you come up with scenarios like this, but it gets damn close. You and your friends can play as Chewy, Luke, Han Solo, Leia, C-3P0, and R2-D2 as you attempt to solve a murder most foul perpetrated by the forces of the Dark Side.

6. Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Monopoly

Box art for Return of the Jedi monopoly featuring Starr Wars heroes and villains

There is no room for Jedi values in Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Monopoly. Sure, you have to defeat the Galactic Empire, but at what cost? The financial ruin of your friends, that’s what cost. Monopoly, the board game that could easily be considered a full-contact sport has gone Star Wars, and even if the Light Side wins, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

7. Star Wars Legion

Box art depicting a Light Side vs Dark Side battle in Star Wars Legion

Star Wars Legion puts you in command of Imperial of Rebel forces in all-out tactical ground battles for the fate of the Galaxy. With 33 detailed miniatures, you can choose to lead your troops into the fray as a hero for good or a villain for ungood. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, everyone who’s anyone in the Star Wars universe is gonna be there.

8. Monopoly: Star Wars Boba Fett Edition

Box art depicting Boba Fett in Monopoly- Star Wars Boba Fett Edition

Monopoly: Star Wars Boba Fett Edition feels a little bit more on-brand for Monopoly than a Light vs. Dark battle theme. After all, Monopoly is a mercenary game. Who better to represent it than actual mercenaries? You control one of the Galaxy’s most morally unscrupulous sorts who are blissfully unburdened by the ethical considerations of their own actions.

9. Trouble: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition

Box art for Trouble- Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition featuring The Child being chased by Mando and a comrade

Trouble: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition features The Child in trouble. Baby Yoda’s been captured, and you gotta pop the dice roller and chase after him. Just try not to land on the spaces labeled “mudhorn attack” or “mercenary ambush.” That’s gonna make your job much more difficult.

10. Monopoly: Disney Star Wars Dark Side Edition

Box art featuring Star Wars villains in "Monopoly - Star Wars Dark Side Edition"

Finally. A Monopoly game that gets it. Monopoly is about letting your darkest impulses run wild. Who better to facilitate that than Galaxy’s worst of the worst? Monopoly: Disney Star Wars Dark Side Edition allows you to take control of Star Wars big bads and blossom into your evilest, most conniving, most machiavellian self. Crush the Rebel scum, and anyone else in your way.

11. Risk: Star Wars Edition 

Box art of Risk- Star Wars Edition featuring a space battle

Risk: Star Wars Edition is gonna ruin some friendships. Maybe even result in a black eye or two. Command the forces of the Rebellion or the Empire in this rebranded strategy game. Capture and hold famous Star Wars locations with the might of your forces. Make tactical decisions. Never try to invade Russia. I mean Mandalore. It isn’t worth it.

12. Monopoly: Star Wars Light Side Edition 

Box art for Monopoly- Star Wars Light Side Edition featuring Star Wars heroes

Monopoly: Star Wars Light Side Edition might seem heroic on the surface, but it’s rotten to the core just like all other monopoly games. We can pretend that the game is all about “defeating the Empire” or “balancing The Force” or whatever, but we all know better. It’s about winning at all costs. There’s no room for “restraint” or “mercy” or any other Light Side value. In this game? Those traits belong to the losers.

13. Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition

Box art for Monopoly- Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition featuring a Mandalorian symbol

Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition gets it. The Mandalorians are a warrior culture. They understand that one’s foes do not deserve mercy. One’s foes deserve to be crushed, financially or physically. This is The Way. The best gift that you can give the people playing this game with you? An honorable death.

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