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Just the Best, Most Relatable Anime Memes

It's always about meme.

Doppio holding his frog "phone" in JJBA part 5

Fandom can be a terrifying place, but it can also be extremely delightful. Memes happen to be the way some of us come together. After all, people have made connections online with much less than a single meme, and damn are they hilarious sometimes—and often provide spurts of reflection.

In anime circles, there are some purists and people who make loving anime an almost difficult thing—such as the never-ending debate of dub vs sub. Newsflash: you’re allowed to enjoy both or one more than the other. Aside from the more serious beats, anime has given us some great memes, and I’ve chosen some of the very best memes to share from specific anime fandoms.

Evangelion making us question ourselves

Looking to drown in misery and be reminded of how mentally ill you really are? Watch or rewatch Neon Genesis Evangelion and try not to question your whole entire life. The series is tragic, perfect, and The End of Evangelion feels like stomping on your own heart.

JJBA is very queer, alright?


Let’s face it, most of Passione was queer and Diavolo (dubbed by Kellen Goff) was very specific in the types of folks he hired. Squalo (dubbed by Ryan Colt Levy) and Tiziano (dubbed by Jordan Reynolds) are perfect examples of this. Love him for that. Golden Wind is an undeniably queer experience.

“If Light asks me to top, he’s probably Kira”

The talented Princess Weekes comes up when you search for “Death Note meme”, you’re welcome. And the meme in question will live rent free in your head forever. Death Note is really THAT horror anime and it’s such a whirlwind of a watch.

Trephacard, anyone?

Staring would be impossible not to do, right? Right?! Alucard (voiced by James Callis) is an angsty bisexual and we love him. And this artist knew the assignment for our Castlevania trio.

Perfect Blue is perfect!


After watching Perfect Blue (1997) for the first time, you’ll want to go back in time to see it again. No exaggeration, it’s one of the best anime films I’ve ever watched. It’ll satisfy a lover of psychological horror/thrillers and your brain will thank you for absorbing such content.

That pink jacket, though


It figures that one of the most iconic quotes in Cowboy Bebop would be about being broke. After all, our main characters are essentially a bunch of broke, dysfunctional people—all of whom we cherish like our own friends. Am I right?

The chaos that is Hunter x Hunter


Four chaotic individuals = our main Hunter x Hunter boys. Whether it’s Leorio (dubbed by Matthew Mercer) acting like a fool, Killua (dubbed by Cristina Valenzuela) and Gon (dubbed by Erica Mendez) avoiding their clear feelings for each other, or Kurapika (dubbed by Erika Harlacher) being miserable as fuck, we love them all.

(featured image: Viz Media)

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