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Before Adapting Your Name Hollywood Needs to Deal With Its Whitewashing Problem

Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot are in the works to adapt the amazing animated film Your Name with J.J. Abrams, Lindsey Weber and Genki Kawamura (who was also the producer of the anime) producing.

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Things We Saw Today: These Cute Death Note Funko Figures Will Make You Forget the Netflix Version’s Terrible

Sure, the upcoming Death Note adaptation from Netflix doesn't look great, but at least Funko is here to save the day! Check out these adorable POP! figures featuring L, Light, and of course, our favorite shinigami, Ryuk.

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The Early Reviews for Netflix’s Death Note Don’t Look Great

Almost all point out a shallow retelling of the original work, and lament the unfulfilled potential of the film.

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Death Note Producer Doesn’t Understand Everything Wrong With This Adaptation

“I’ve been involved in many adaptations of content from all over the world, and this is the first time that I’ve been seeing negative press," he says.

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Death Note Film’s Latest Casting News Fuels Protest of Hollywood Whitewashing

You may have heard that Warner Bros. is adapting the popular manga/anime series Death Note into a film. Back in September, Nat Wolff was cast as the lead, Light Yagami. (Yeah. Yagami - or they'll probably change that) Now, the most recent casting announcement has fans hitting Twitter to express their extreme displeasure.

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Things We Saw Today: Toyota’s Animated Gundam-Car Commercial

The Zeonic Toyota is a Gundam-inspired car with an amazing animated commercial.

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China Bans 38 Anime and Manga Titles, Including Death Note and Attack on Titan

However, Kill la Kill is still safe...FOR NOW.

In a continuing trend in China of banning "objectionable," foreign online content after a crackdown that started earlier this year (both Agent Carter and fan/slash fic were early casualties), the Chinese government has now banned thirty-eight popular anime and manga titles from all forms of distribution in the country.

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Horror Director Adam Wingard Signs On For The US Adaptation Of Death Note

Yes, there's a US adaptation of the Death Note anime coming to screens near you - but it might actually be good, thanks to the intelligent eye of newly-signed-on director Adam Wingard.

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Things We Saw Today: Belle Is The Best She-Hulk In This Marvel Disney Crossover

Scarlet Witch Esmerelda = PERFECT

We'll stop being sick of Disney princess mashups when artists like Robby stop making them so awesome, which will be never. (via Girls Read Comics)

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Ridiculous Rumor Time: Gus Van Sant Might Direct the American Death Note

Uh... okay?

Geez, what is up with Japanese  franchises getting turned into Hollywood movies by Academy Award nominated directors lately? First we had Spike Lee and Oldboy (the 2003 Park Chan-wook was inspired by a late '90s manga of the same name), and now according to rumors, Gus Van Sant is going to do Death Note. Huh. How do you like them apples, Ryuk?

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Welcome to Pull It Together, Our New Weekly Comics Post, June 25th Edition!

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

It's almost new comic day, do you know where your pull list is?

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Things We Saw Today: Celebrate Christmas With the Hogfather

Things We Saw Today

Discworld's Mort Death as the Hogfather as a cake. By Jo Orr of Ciccio Cakes. (That's Nerdalicious)

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Why Anime is Doomed: Soulja Boy Records “Anime” and “Goku,” Manga Also in Works

You may loathe him for his handle-revving pheonomenon "Crank That," but DeAndre Cortez Way--better known as the rapper Soulja Boy Tell 'Em--probably thinks he's doing anime fans worldwide a favor by recording two tracks for his upcoming Dre album titled "Anime" and "Goku." Rejoice: We'll no longer be thought of as oily hermits that wear large-breasted anime maids on our oversized t-shirts! Now we'll just be thought of as oily hermits that wear large-breasted anime maids on our oversized t-shirts and listen to Soulja Boy!

This is the same guy that told Daily Beast columnist Touré, "Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa." And not to compare this issue in the slightest, but I'm just sayin': Without Soulja Boy, otakus would still be in their parents' basements; or still in America, instead of their study abroad programs in Japan. So shout out! I have to give them where they're due. (The rest of this post contains some NSFW lyrics.)

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