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Deepest Wishes for a Joyful Belly Rub [Video]

And All Was Right With the World

Look, guys, here’s the deal. I had to choose a video for the end of 2011. Something that could bring a smile to everyone’s face, every single person who happens upon our humble little space on the web. And all I could think was that maybe everyone had a year that they loved, or just liked, or merely tolerated, or completely hated. But in the end, maybe we could use the human equivalent of a belly rub. As a reward, as an antidote, whatever is needed. So I give you Mackie, the Boston terrier, and the strange noises he makes until he finally gets his belly rub in the end. I think we can all relate. And for a bonus, because you deserve it, Mackie asking for some mac ‘n’ cheese.

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May all of you also get the mac ‘n’ cheese you so desire in 2012, and have a happy and safe New Year!

(via RockinRobinzo on YouTube)

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