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How The Beer Aisle Explains Biodiversity [Video]

MinuteEarth tells us how the supermarket is like a forest, with towering oaks of Budweiser and persistent shrubbery of microbrews.

The beer aisle at your local supermarket may have more in common with a forest than you think. Both are dominated by huge examples of what they have to offer — oaks in the forest, Budweiser in the refrigerated section — but are also peppered with smaller competitors who have found a way to carve out a niche that works for them. Check out the latest video from the deep thinkers at MinuteEarth to learn what beer markets and capitalism can teach us about biodiversity and ecology. You may even begin to understand the missing link between ferns and a good locally sourced lager, though we can’t guarantee it.

(via MinuteEarth)

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