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A Mosaic Portrait of Sasquatch Made From Beef Jerky to Celebrate National Beef Jerky Day


Mosaics are pretty cool, beef jerky is pretty cool, and Sasquatch would probably be pretty cool if only he’d come out of hiding and chill with the bros like a chill bro to show how cool he is. To celebrate National Beef Jerky Day — which is today, you guys — artist Jason Mecier created this mosaic portrait of Sasquatch out of beef jerky.

If you’re wondering why Sasquatch was the lucky recipient of being immortalized in beef jerky, it’s because of those Jack Link’s ads, as Mecier partnered up with the jerky company to do the piece. It took 80 bags of jerky, which unfortunately wasn’t happily eaten by me, but a jerky mosaic of Sasquatch isn’t such a bad way to utilize a lot of jerky.

(via Laughing Squid)

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