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Cherkees: A Beef Jerky and Potato Chip Hybrid

Cherkees aren’t just potato chips in the flavor of beef jerky, no sir, they’re potato chips crossed with beef jerky, as if some mad food scientist gave up on creating the perfect doomsday device and decided to pop in some Marvin Gaye, light some candles, draw the shades, and lock some potato chips and some beefy jerky in a honeymoon suite together.

Like regular beef jerky, Cherkees are low in fat and high in protein; they have twelve grams of protein per serving and have less than one third the fat of regular potato chips. Unlike the majority of potato chips, Cherkees aren’t fried. Cherkees come in traditional beef jerky flavors, like Cracked Pepper, Hot Pepper, Smokehouse and Teriyaki.

You can order yourself some Cherkees over here, with a 2.8 ounce bag costing $4.99, and a 5.8 ounce bag burning a $9.99 Smokehouse-flavored hole in your pocket.

(Cherkees via Foodbeast via Gizmodo)

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