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Russia’s Sexy Space Geckos Memorialized Forever In Fantastic Poster

Teeny-tiny Gecko voices: "You can't take the skies from us!"


Last week we brought to your attention the most important thing to happen to journalism since Johannes Gutenberg cobbled together the printing press: Russia sent a quintet of geckos into space to study the effects of zero-gravity on lizard boinking (ooooh yeah), the reptilian Romeos mutinied (that’s the story I’m going with) and satelliteĀ Foton-M4 and its copulating cargo went rogue.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones whose hearts were captured by the story–artist Fernando Reza made this amazing poster commemorating the great achievement for all lizard kind. Prints are available from Reza’s store for $25.00, a reasonable price considering this posterĀ belongs in a museum. Go! Get! Those! Geckos!

(via io9)

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