Legoshi looking out into the distance during the sunset in Episode 12, Season 2 of Beastars

‘Beastars’ Season 3 Release Window, Cast, Plot, and More

After two years, Beastars is confirmed to have its third and final season on Netflix in 2024. The exact date for when the anime will be released is still unknown, but production has been ongoing since the third season was announced during Anime Expo 2023. There are three new characters to be introduced in the coming season from the manga who are implied to be Gosha (Komodo Dragon), Yahya (Horse), and Melon (half Gazelle, half Leopard). Manga readers know that these new characters are nothing short of interesting and that they’re all essential to the story, even if some of them pose a threat to the main characters.

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According to CG Studio Orange’s official TikTok account and producer Yoshihiro Watanabe, they will be returning as the animators of Beastars for the final season. They’re not the only ones who fans are excited to see come back. The Japanese and English actors who voice Legoshi (Kobayashi Chikahiro/Jonah Scott), Louis (Ono Yuki/Griffin Puatu), and Haru (Sebongi Sayaka/Lara Jill Miller) are expected to return as well. The voice cast has yet to be announced for the three new characters making their debut.

The first two seasons of the anime feature three arcs of the manga. Season 3 is expected to cover the Interspecies Relations Arc and the Revenge of the Love Failure Arc. For those who haven’t picked up the manga or watched even an episode of the anime, Beastars is set in a world with anthropomorphic animals that are divided between carnivores and herbivores. Although these animals exist in diversity, carnivores, and herbivores coexist but largely differ from one another. The story follows Legoshi, a grey wolf enrolled in the prestigious Cherryton Academy. Although often misjudged as some sort of big bad wolf, he’s actually kind and timid. When an herbivore student is killed in the school, the already tense relations between carnivores and herbivores only get worse.

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