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BBC Bringing Back Original Robot vs. Robot Action With Robot Wars

Like Real Steel but with less Hugh Jackman.



Remember how great BattleBots was? Specifically, the robots-fighting-each-other-for-sport-in-real-life part? Well, the BBC won’t be outdone by ABC’s resurrection of the concept; the UK broadcaster is bringing back BattleBots precursor Robot Wars to satisfy our thirst for metal-on-metal bloodsport.

BBC Two has commissioned the series’ return in six hour-long episodes featuring “a new structure with more robots, more battles and more science than ever before.” Technology has come a long way since the original TV series ended in 2004, so we can expect to be treated to much more intense metal mayhem than ever before. Advances have also been made in TV-making technology, and the new Robot Wars arena in Glasgow will sport a camera system geared towards making sure viewers get a great view of the action.

Alan Tyler, BBC Acting Controller of Entertainment Commissioning, said,

The redeveloped Robot Wars proved compelling, offering a mix of real people, real passion and raw power. It is remarkable to see how much more powerful these robots have become since the series last aired, with battles now staged in an arena that is literally bullet proof. And yet, the show is still fundamentally driven by the eccentricity of the brilliant brains behind the machines. We are excited to bring this clever new incarnation not only to an audience who loved the original but also to those who may be discovering it for the first time.

Maybe this will tide us over until we can finally get that international mech battle underway? Either way, I’m very much in favor of this plan to keep the robots fighting each other to distract them from fighting us—oh, and it’s a cool way to get people interested in tech and engineering, I guess.

(via Gizmodo, image via Ian Lewis/Wikimedia)

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