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You Can Now Donate to Build “The People’s Robot” for Our Giant Robot Duel With Japan

This is exactly how we pictured the future.


In case you hadn’t heard, international giant robot battles for dominance are officially a part of the real world. Japan and the U.S. will soon face off in a mech battle for supremacy, and you can donate to help build our very own iron patriot. (Don Cheadle not included.)

The American team at MegaBots has set a goal of $500,000 on Kickstarter, with specific dollar amounts correlating to upgrades for “The People’s Robot”:


“I drink oil and piss freedom. ‘Murica!”

Those upgrades include increased mobility for its wheelbase and interchangeable weapons like this:


Yes, those are boxing gloves. Our epic mech battle will apparently play out like this:


If they exceed their goal and reach amounts of $1 million or more, they’ll add such lofty, ancillary features as “better balance” and “life support systems.” … I hope their prospective mech pilot knows what they’re getting into.

(via The Verge)

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