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At Long Last, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Gets a Release Date: This Friday!


It’s been two years since Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome was announced, beginning its long road to actually airing somewhere. Yes, it was 2010 when the project was announced, and it’s been shelved, altered, chopped up, put back together again since. But the two-hour prequel to the blockbuster space opera, set during the First Cylon War and featuring young hot-shot pilot William “Husker” Adama, has finally found a three-part release home. Entertainment Weekly has the announcement that the show is coming… and very soon.

Originally, BSG: B&C was slated as a lower budget webseries, filmed on digital reconstructions of the original BSG sets, but after the canceling of Caprica, Syfy decided to make it a two-hour movie event, since it would no longer be competing with other BSG-set shows on the network. In February 2011, filming began, but later that summer, Syfy indicated that they might be breaking the movie up into several segments and releasing it as a webseries. Earlier this year, it was confirmed: Blood & Chrome would not air on television, and an announcement of its release date was “not imminent.”

This was considered annoying by many BSG fans.

But they only need to be annoyed a little longer. The first of ten segments of the web series will air on November 9th. That’s right: this Friday, three days from now. The rest of the episodes will roll out over the course of a month, all on the Machinima Prime YouTube channel. All of the episodes will air together, on the Syfy channel, in early 2013, and a DVD release will follow.

Here’s the new trailer, with a flat out incredible remix of the choral intro to the television show’s main theme. You can read a bit more about the show at Entertainment Weekly.

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