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Hold Onto Your Gold Purses, Battle.Net’s Been Breached

It’s time to change your passwords, World of Warcraft fans! The security of has been compromised, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime announced earlier this week. The breach has since been found and closed, but not before a  big ol’ list of user names, answers to security questions, and data related to Blizzard’s special Authenticator software was taken from their servers.

Morhaime, addressing the community via a notice on the Blizzard website, recommends that everyone with an account change their passwords immediately. If users haven’t played World of Warcraft or Starcraft or Diablo III in the last couple of days, they will be asked to change their password automatically the next time they log on to the service.

They’ve reported that no credit card numbers, billing addresses, or other financial information was taken, but if your next bank statement says you spent 3,000 bucks on horse mounts this month, now you know why. This breach comes not that long after Blizzard’s real-money auction house for Diablo III came to fruition. With those kind of transactions happening on the regular now with Blizzard’s blessing, account details are surely juicier than ever.

If you want the full scoop or have questions, Blizzard suggests you check out this handy-dandy security breach FAQ.

(Blizzard via WoW Insider)

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