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The Batman Vs. Superman Movie Has an Official Title: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Dawn of Just... No.

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We all thought that the Man of Steel sequel producers would hold out until San Diego Comic Con to actually, you know, tell us the actual name of the movie. But they didn’t! They decided to tell us today! And… well. That’s it. Hoo boy. Here’s what we think.

From a cursory glance it doesn’t seem like the film’s subtitle has anything to do with a particularly well-known aspect of the franchise. We suspect that it’s a nod to the Justice League, since everybody seems to think this is the film where they’re going to begin getting the team together. That makes it a little better than something completely and utterly generic like Into Darkness or The Phantom Menace, we guess, but not by much. And the fact that they went with Batman Vs. Superman feels like they just didn’t have a good idea and figured people were calling the movie that anyway, so why fight it? Yup, the Internet basically stockholmed the writers. Wheee.

What do you guys think? And of you gunning for some justice dawn, or whatever? Or are you all as underwhelmed as we are?

(via The Mary Sue and Variety, image via Twitter)

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