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New Batman v Superman Images Have Everyone Talking About Darkseid

"Why doesn't anyone want to talk about ME in MY sequel?" - Superman, probably.


Don’t worry; it’s unlikely that this is a spoiler for Batman v Superman, but it probably is a hint of things to come in the DC movie universe. (Though those who like to know as little as possible may not want to read on.)

In the latest print edition of Empire Magazine, there’s an image from Batman v Superman that appears to show a giant omega symbol, which belongs to the incredibly powerful villain Darkseid in DC comics. However, it also appears to come from Batman’s bogus journey to the desert wherein he was unmasked by Superman and pretty much certainly dreaming/daydreaming/what-have-you. The point is, Darkseid’s symbol (and the appearance of his parademons) hasn’t actually been shown to appear in the reality of the film:

Of course, Darkseid doesn’t have the market cornered on the omega symbol. Maybe ole Bats’ dreams are just super obvious with their apocalyptic symbolism. Or maybe it’s just meant as a fun Easter egg for fans? OR maybe Darkseid is out there, he’s coming, and his influence has extended into Bruce Wayne’s psyche. Who knows?

After all, with the Justice League coming together on the big screen—dawning, if you will—it makes sense that the movies would be trying to set up their own big bad in the vein of Marvel’s Thanos, who’s still looming on the horizon of that movie universe. There’s also the fact that we’ve heard that the reveal of Doomsday in a previous trailer wasn’t the big spoiler everyone assumed, and the movie has more in store, but I’m not so sure Darkseid is it.

As one of the most powerful villains in the DC universe and the ruler of his own planet with designs on conquering everyone else’s, I’d say that he’s more than likely to show up down the line with the Justice League movies whether this is a deliberate tease or not.

(via CBR, image via Warner Bros.)

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