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Batman: The Animated Series Returning in New Comic, Introducing Jason Todd & More Surprises

Also Deathstroke and Azrael.

Jason Todd the second Robin and the trouble maker

Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm will return to the DCAU that he made so popular with an upcoming comic book series that will bring together himself, Paul Dini, DCAU writer Alan Burnett. and artist Ty Templeton in a six-issue miniseries called Batman: The Adventures Continue. has a special first look image of the series on their site, along with some quotes from Paul Dini and the others involved that mention that this series will not just be a return to the world of TAS but introduce characters like Jason Todd, Deathstroke, and Azrael into its universe, along with doing some more crossover stuff with Superman and Lex Luthor.

“Fans familiar with the Batman of The New Batman/Superman Adventures will be right up to speed,” says Paul Dini. “Alan and I approached the writing with the idea that we were doing the season you might have seen if we had not put the series aside to do Batman Beyond.”

Cue me squeeing into my Batman: The Animated Series boxset. One of the things I wished the animated series has brought in was Jason Todd, a.k.a. the second Robin, because I felt like the series would be just dark enough to handle that, especially considering what they ended up doing with Tim Drake. I think Jason, love him or not, is just a really important part of the Batfamily (some would argue more in death than in his Red Hood state), and I’m excited to see how they will fit him into their existing world.

In the interview, Dini also said that the series will deal with the Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor relationship (I ship it) and that it would be “more or less”  building from their meeting in The World’s Finest animated movie, which was a crossover between Batman: TAS and Superman: TAS. It was fire—better than Batman v Superman. Check it out if you haven’t.

This series will cover certain “gaps” in the narrative that didn’t really matter until after the fact, and I’m especially interested in seeing if they do a bit more to link up characters like Terry from Batman Beyond, but also if they will bring in a certain other son of Batman, Damian Wayne—who I do hate, mind you, but I think that Damian’s existence in the animated series would be fun.

“We’re going back to cover certain gaps in the original series, events that didn’t have a bearing on the series at the time, but now do,” said Burnett. “In other words, there will be secret histories that will turn Batman’s world upside down. Things that no one knew were out there, until now.”

Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 will be available digitally in April (it will be a digital series first), with the first physical issue hitting comic shops on May 6. I cannot wait to read this and return to one of my favorite versions of Batman.

(via, image: DC Comics)

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